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Brief Timeline of Burma/Myanmar and Karen State

1057 - Burma/Myanmar first unified under King Anawrahta.

1826 - End of the first Anglo-Burmese war with the Treaty of Yandabo. The British took over parts of Burma, and the Burmese were forced to keep a British resident at their court. Diplomatic and commercial relationship between Burmese and the British begins.

1852 - Second Anglo-Burmese war, and Britain annexes Lower Burma. Established a "back door" to trade routes through and around China.

1885-1886 - Third Anglo- Burmese war; Britain takes over Mandalay, the capital of Burma. The country is now a province of British India.

1886-1895 - Burmese guerilla war against the British.

1942-1945 - Burma is occupied by the Japanese Imperial Army.

1945 - Britain frees Burma from Japanese occupation.

1947 - Aung San signs agreement with Britain to guarantee Burma's independence. Later that same year, he was assassinated.


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