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Kyaw Eh Portrait

Kyaw Eh

Interviewed: May 16, 2015

Interviewer: Meagan Gill

Kyaw Eh (pronounced "Jyaw Eh") is a 36-year-old living and working in Hyrum, Utah at JBS. He speaks Karen, Burmese, Thai, and English. Kyaw Eh has his mother, two sisters, and a brother. His father went missing in the Karen Revolution and Kyaw Eh is unable to find out to whether or not his father is alive. Kyaw Eh was born in the Karen countryside where his family worked a paddy farm. The Burmese soldiers came through his town and forced the men and boys to be their cover and carry heavy materials. Fearing for his life, Kyaw Eh fled to the Mae La refugee camp. Later on Kyaw Eh applied to come to the U.S. as a refugee and arrived in Salt Lake City in 2007.