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ENGL 6750, Summer 2015: Voices: Karen Refugees in Cache Valley, Utah


 Voices-Karen Graphic

In May 2015, Utah State University’s Fife Folklore ArchivesFolklore Program, and The American Folklife Center  at the Library of Congress with help from the Karen community hosted a Field School for Cultural Documentation: “Voices: Refugees in Cache Valley.” Cache Valley, Utah is the home of Burmese Muslim, Karen, and Eritrean refugees. Students documented the stories of these communities; which is an important goal of Utah State University’s Fife Folklore Archives (FFA). The subject matter of these interviews reflect the lives of refugees and may contain distressing content.

This exhibit documents and examines some of the experiences of Cache Valley refugees from Karen State in Burma and has been approved by the interviewed community scholars.

To view the full collection please visit, Cache Valley Refugee Oral History Project.

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Bethany Hanks, Wes Van de Water, Meagan E. Gill