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Profile of Tun Lay

Tun Lay is a Karen refugee and currently lives in Logan, Utah.

Tun Lay

Interviewed: May 16, 2015 

Interviewer: Bethany Hanks 

Tun Lay (pronounced "Toon Lay") is a 61-year-old refugee from the Karen State in Burma/Mayanmar. He, his wife, and his three children all live in the United States. He and his family traveled from Burma to the refugee camps in Thailand. The last refugee camp that he and his family lived in is called Umphiem camp, and they arrived there in 1999. They left for Salt Lake City, Utah on June 11, 2008. After living in Salt Lake City for a year, Tun Lay and his family moved to Logan, Utah, where he currently lives. He works at JBS.