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The Karen New Year

Many of the refugees talked about celebrating the Karen New Year. This celebration lasts for three days and includes activities such as sports, traditional 'done' [pronounced don] dancing, and singing. Some of the Karen people were afraid at first to raise the flag and celebrate since they were so used to living under oppression.[1]

Naw Pa Saw Paw from Ka Pyaw had this to say about the celebration:"This is the first time we have celebrated the Karen New Year in our village. Before we never had a chance. We are happy and in the future we want our Karen people to have more freedom to celebrate not only our Karen New Year but also to enjoy our traditions.” [2]

Takraw and Thanaka

Snay Tun talked about a skill-ball called Takraw, which originated in Asia. This is a very popular pastime with him and his friends. He talked about the special moves and rules and then showed us a takraw match on TV. 

Aye Win demonstrated the preparation and application of thanaka, an Asian cosmetic product. 

More information on takraw and thanaka on the next two pages. 


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