Lauren Goebel Keller

"...in really small, nowhere Utah..."


USU Volleyball player Lauren Goebel Keller

Lauren Goebel Keller joined the USU team in 1979 and played as an outside hitter and setter. She later went on to coach volleyball at Mount Crest High School and helped lead them to their first state championship.

The interview includes Lauren's early life, her recruitment to USU after playing for the US Junior National Team, the 1979 team experience, the 1979 AIAW national championship game, the pivotal role of Title IX, and the support from fans and the USU community for women's athletics.

"[In the] couple years I was there, we were, not only was volleyball in the top 10 nationally, so was softball and so was gymnastics. So you had three women's sports [teams], all ranked nationally, in really small, nowhere Utah"  


Lauren Gobel Keller Oral History Transcript

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