Title IX Pushback

Nationally and at USU

Despite the success of the volleyball team, Weiss and other staff often conflicted with administration about resources available to their players and the team. The women did not have dedicated places to live, dine, or train. There were debates over providing women with trainers, medical staff, and other types of support that the men’s teams often had access to.  


This led to USU being reported and investigated for Title IX violations in the early 1980s. While not uncommon among universities, such reports indicated the difficulties in providing equal access for women to sports and the many things beyond the court that support student athletes.  

Which league women would play in was also an issue. While AIAW supported women’s sports, they did not have the resources of the NCAA. Many in the AIAW feared that a takeover by the NCAA would also put more men in charge of women’s athletics.

While Title IX provided more opportunities for women in sports, women’s leadership decreased after the disbanding of the AIAW in the early 1980s.