The Legacy of Title IX

And the 1978 Volleyball Team


USU 2022 Mountain West Champion women's volleyball team

It might seem obvious today that women’s sports should be considered equal to men’s sports, but that notion was very much in doubt in the 1970s at USU. The history of the 1978 volleyball team and their fight to be considered as competing at the same level as men reveal the historical inequalities of women’s sports. Yet even today, these rights remain fragile as women’s athletic programs struggle for equal funding, publicity, facilities, and coaching salaries.  

Like the fight for equality, the tradition of female athletic success that began with Title IX and the 1978 volleyball team still continues today. The 2022 USU volleyball team (22-10, 11-7 MW) overcame the odds as a No. 4 seed and won the Mountain West Conference tournament, beating New Mexico, No. 1 seed UNLV, and San Jose State. This team earned a trip not to the now-defunct AIAW tournament, but to a 64-team NCAA tournament.  

Go Aggies!