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Thomas Cogan: The Man, The Book and Renaissance Health

6hoh Title Page
The printing page of the Haven of Health. 



Every few decades its seems society cycles through various diet trends. That may be consuming diet soda, going sugar and gluten free, or even the paleo-diet. However, trendy diets are not a modern phenomenon. In his 1588 printing of Haven of Health, Thomas Cogan, an English schoolmaster and physician, published recommended diet and health habits for his students. This exhibit explores several themes discussed by Cogan, including his emphasis on plague avoidance, proper dietary habits, and his views regarding water, wine, ale and beer.  Haven of Health presents ideas indicative of broader views regarding health throughout Renaissance Europe. We invite you to explore the Haven of Health and take a step back in time to Renaissance Health 101. 

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This exhibit retains all sixteenth-century spelling when quoting from Haven of Health.