Telling Our Story: 130 Years of Aggie Women


Graphic for Telling Our Story: 130 Years of Aggie Women digital exhibit

“Women in the past have a dreadful tendency to disappear in a cloud of anonymity and silence,… and one does feel impelled to recover their voices and stories.” -Carolyn Heilbrun

From the opening of the Agricultural College of Utah in 1890 to present-day Utah State University, women have had a significant impact on the campus and the community. Telling Our Story: 130 Years of Aggie Women presents a selection of the stories of notable Aggie women whose stories have been recovered as part of USU’s Year of the Woman. Please join us in celebrating these women whose legacy and influence have been instrumental in the development of the university and community.

Exhibit Credits:

  • Shay Larsen (Graphic Designer)
  • Alana Manesse (Student Curator)
  • Branson Roskelley (Scanning Technician)
  • Becky Thoms (Digital Team Leader)
  • Todd Welch (Project Manager)

Many thanks to Bob Parson, Clint Pumphrey, and Jennifer Duncan for acting as reviewers; Dan Davis for photo research; and Gaby LeBeau for reviewing the physical exhibit.

Special thanks to Year of the Woman co-chairs Joyce Kinkead and Sydney Peterson, as well as members of the Steering Committee: President Noelle Cockett, Matt White, and William Plate.