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Ali Bahaji in his office<br />

I start for taxi driver, many years. Seventeen years. And I’ve been dreaming and I become owner/operator of many cars. And I’ve been dreaming to buy this company one day. And my dream is coming true three years ago. And I own, and I’m happy with the company.  -Ali

Osman Ahmed<br />

I knew that I loved working. I love work. So, when I came here I used to work two jobs. I swept the floor for companies. I did odd jobs. I did cashier, two cashier jobs all the time. Like sixteen hours a day, one job, the other, right away. If you want to succeed, if you are in America. You determine your destiny. Nobody else, I mean, with the help of God. If you trust in God, and then you believe you can make it, you can make it. –Osman

Aden Batar<br />

As soon as I got my social security and Utah ID, I started working. My first job was working on a production line. I’ve never worked on a production line. My entire life I worked on business, and so that was the first time I worked for someone, working on a production line, but again, you know, I was proud to do that, because I wanted to provide for my family and so I don’t have to depend on welfare. So, I started working making minimum wage at the time. I think the transition was challenging, but at the same time, you know, we were making progress every day, learning the new environment. -Aden