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Abdulkhaliq Barbaar<br />

In my school, I was the only Muslim. And, so, it was tough. It was very tough. You’re not sure what food you’re eating. You’re not getting the support you—I deserved to get. I didn’t fit in with the white people, and I didn’t fit in with the African Americans. So, I was in the middle. During lunch time, I didn’t know where to sit. I usually looked for that one white girl and two guys from India. But then, I always felt outside of everything. –Abdulkhaliq

Aden Batar<br />

None of my neighbors are Muslim. I’m the only Muslim in this neighborhood. But, they’re very respectful of my faith. And the same thing, I’m very respectful of their faith as well. And so, that make it easy for us.Otherwise, if people were hating who we are, then it would have made us really a challenge. -Aden