The Built Environment: 130 Years of Growth, Development, and Change on the USU Campus


Utah State University sprouted from humble beginnings – a solitary building on a windy and arid hill. Since then, USU has grown for 130 years, creating new buildings and grounds to accommodate the fluctuating educational and recreational needs of its faculty and student body. The Built Environment: 130 Years of Growth, Development and Change on the USU Campus, uses material housed in the Merrill-Cazier Library Special Collections and Archives to highlight the history behind the many iconic, overlooked, and even forgotten structures of the USU campus.

Exhibit Credits:

  • Robert Parson (Curator)
  • Cody Patton (Curator/Elsner Curatorial Intern)
  • Dan Davis (Contributor)
  • Mikkel Robb (Design)
  • Shay Larsen (Design)
  • Devin Greener (Preparator and Photographer)
  • Darcy Pumphery (Digital Team)
  • Alison Gardner (Digital Team)
  • Becky Thoms (Digital Team)
  • Amanda Cook (Scanning Tech)
  • Martha Díaz Adam (Scanning Tech)
  • Katie Henrie (Scanning Tech)
  • Jon Leslie Hunt III (Scanning Tech)
  • Rebecca Nelson (Scanning Tech)