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Historical Photograph Meme Contest

  For Utah State University’s Historical Photograph "Meme" Contest, students use digitized historical images from USU's Special Collections & Archives, along with those big, white block letters often associated with Internet memes, ...


Historical Postcards of Utah

Historical Postcards of Utah landing page image
"...Postcards open countless windows onto a broader collective past. An individual card makes a specific historical moment come alive in a vividly intimate way, whether it be the smartly clad figures in an illustrated advertisement...or a spectacul...

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Isaac Sorensen and the Sorensen Family

Sorensen Header
The Sorensen Family Cache Valley, Utah has one of the most fascinating stories in western American history. Within its wonderful mountainous landscape in Northern Utah, there is a narrative that must be told. Northern Utah has provided a wonderful...

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Jack London at Utah State University

Jack London Portrait
Utah State University's Special Collections and Archives, a division of the Merrill-Cazier Library, houses one of the world’s largest archival collections from Jack London, legendary author of classic adventure novels like Call of the Wild an...


Latino Voices

Cache Valley Utah is home to a rich Latino/a population whose voices are often underrepresented in local repositories. To rectify this, in 2007 Utah State University Special Collections and Archives directed an effort to collect the voices of 45 La...

Memento Mori: The Art of Death and Mourning

  Memento Mori, “remember that you will die,” expresses the inevitability of death. No matter how good of a life you lead, nor how famous or rich you become, death always awaits. With the dawn of Christianity in the West, the symbol...


Regreening of Cache Valley

Cache Valley was settled by Mormon pioneers in the early 1860s.  When they arrived in the area they found rich soil, clear running streams, wild game, and abundant lumber and grazing resources.  From 1860–1900, in their ef...


Rhyolite, Graveyard of Dreams

Ryholite Graveyard of Dreams
    The following exhibit tells the story of Aurora and Rhyolite, both gold towns that became ghost towns in Nevada. This exhibit is made up of the Death Valley Collection found in the Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library Specia...


San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Snapshots

San Francisco landing page image
The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 is one of the most famous in well documented disasters of the early twentieth century. During the quake and fire that followed more than 3,000 people died and over half of the city's population was left homeless...


St. Anne's Retreat

St Anne's Retreat Graphic
Legendary St. Anne’s Retreat in Logan Canyon has been the source of a contemporary oral tradition and legend-tripping for the last fifty years.  Local legends tell of a haunted place with stories laced in ancient themes telling of nuns a...


The American Guide Series: American Culture Defined

The American Guide graphic
The American Guide Series is a collection of guidebooks written by authors working for the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration that was part of the New Deal created by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt presidential administrat...

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The Broadcasting Bullens: One Family's Contribution to Cache Valley Newspaper, Radio, and Television

 Broadcasting Bullens Graphic
Since the first local newspaper slid off the printing press in 1879[i], Cache Valley residents have relied heavily on evolving forms of media for news and entertainment. This progression of newspaper, radio, and television outlets depended largely ...


The Built Environment: 130 Years of Growth, Development, and Change on the USU Campus

Utah State University sprouted from humble beginnings – a solitary building on a windy and arid hill. Since then, USU has grown for 130 years, creating new buildings and grounds to accommodate the fluctuating educational and recreational need...


UAC Commencement Programs

UAC Commencement Programs
During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Land-Grant College Act of 1862, which provided the means for establishing new colleges in each state or territory. These schools were intended to promote higher education and practi...


Upcoming: Remembering Main Street

 Remembering Main Street Temporary Graphic
Coming December 2018...


Utah Brews: The Untapped Story of Ogden's Becker Brewing and Malting Company

Beer is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Utah. That could be because 60 percent of the state’s population are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which teaches its membership to abst...


Student Exhibits

ENGL 4360, Spring 2017: Studies in Film

 ENGL 4360 Graphic
Welcome to Childhood, Identity, and Coming of Age in Film! This exhibition was created by students in Dr. Mattie Burkert's spring 2017 Studies in Film course at Utah State University. Enter Student Created Exhibits Credits:  Maddie A...

ENGL 4750/6750, Summer 2015: Voices: Eritrean Refugees in Cache Valley, Utah

 Voices-Eritrean Graphic
Voices: Refugees in Cache Valley In May 2015, Utah State University’s Fife Folklore Archives, Folklore Program, and The American Folklife Center  at the Library of Congress with help from the Eritrean community hosted a Field ...

ENGL 6330, Spring 2018: Haunted by History: The Deep Eighteenth Century

Haunted by History graphic
What is the “deep eighteenth century?” It’s a term coined by theater historian Joseph Roach to describe how our twenty-first-century world remains shaped by events, ideas, and forces set in motion three centuries ago. It’s a...

ENGL 6750, Summer 2015: Voices: Burmese Muslims in Cache Valley, Utah

 Voices-BurmeseMuslims Graphic
Voices: Refugees in Cache Valley In May 2015, Utah State University’s Fife Folklore Archives, Folklore Program, and The American Folklife Center  at the Library of Congress with help from the Burmese Muslim community...

ENGL 6750, Summer 2015: Voices: Karen Refugees in Cache Valley, Utah

 Voices-Karen Graphic
In May 2015, Utah State University’s Fife Folklore Archives, Folklore Program, and The American Folklife Center  at the Library of Congress with help from the Karen community hosted a Field School for Cultural Documen...

ENGL 6750, Summer 2017: Jackson Hole Dude Ranching Tradition: Triangle X Ranch

Jackson Hole Dude Ranching Tradition: Triangle X Credits: Kylie Schroeder, Curator Randy Williams, Content contributor and editor, exhibit editor Lisa Gabbert, Content contributor and editor Andrea Graham, Content contributor Alison Gardner, ...

HIST 3250, Fall 2017: History of Renaissance Europe

 HIST 3250 Graphic
Renaissance in Europe saw a rapid increase in the study of the human body, natural sciences and astronomy. This exhibit looks at primary sources from the period of the Renaissance and afterward showing how that period looked back to ancient sources...

HIST 3250, Spring 2015: The Renaissance in Europe

HIST 3250 Spring 2015 Graphic
In the 2015 spring semester, students in the History of Renaissance Europe class (HIST 3250) undertook a non-traditional research project to use archival materials to create their own digital exhibits. These exhibits showcase unique Renaissance-era...

HIST 3770, Spring 2016: Nuclear West

The Cold War marked a time of concern for, and intense focus on, America’s relationship to nuclear topics. This exhibit, curated by the students of the Spring 2016 History 3770 class, and overseen by Dr. Victoria Grieve, focuses on issues rel...

HIST 3770, Spring 2017: Post World War II Domesticity

 HIST 3770 Graphic
In the decades after World War II, Americans focused on their homes and families as never before. Marriage and birth rates -- across race and class lines -- rose to a 20th century high. Everything from popular culture, leisure activities, marital a...

HIST 3770, Spring 2018: Social Movements of Postwar America

 HIST 3770 Spring 2018 Graphic
Often summed up with reference to “the Sixties,” the social movements of postwar America usually began much earlier, and many persist today. By taking a more local look at national movements like feminism, civil rights, and the battle o...

HONR Think Tank, Spring 2016: Food in Cache Valley

HONR Think Tank Spring 2016
These exhibits were created by students in a three-part Honors “Think Tank” offering that explored the themes of agriculture, food, and land through science and social sciences. Students enrolled in one of three sections—Engineeri...

In Search of America: One Barbershop at a Time

This exhibit shows the highlights of a personal odyssey exploring Main Street Barbershops across America.  It also confirms the concept that the Main Street Barbershop is an important mainstay, a perpetual community connecting point, a desired...

SPAN 3040, Fall 2015: Adventures in Spanish Poetry and Grammar

SPAN3040 Graphic
In Fall 2015, Joshua Thoms offered an Advanced Spanish Grammar course which required a research project. The goals of the group project were for students to: familiarize themselves with a Spanish literary genre; analyze text(s); interview an author...