From Housewives to Protesters: Mormons for the ERA


ERA Graphic


This exhibit uses images and documents from the Mormons for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) collection housed in Utah State University’s Special Collections & Archives to explore the spaces and methods of protest the group Mormons for the ERA used in their advocacy for the Equal Rights Amendment. It also examines the consequences protesters faced as a result of their activism.


Project Team:

  • Kelli Morrill (Exhibit Curator)
  • Daniel Davis (Reviewer/Content Advisor)
  • Victoria Grieve (Content Advisor)
  • Rebecca Andersen (Content Advisor)
  • Shay Larsen (Graphic Designer) 
  • Alison Gardner (Project Coordinator for Digitization)
  • Darcy Pumphrey (Project Coordinator and Reviewer)
  • Alyssa Miller (Omeka Consultant)

Scanning Technicians:

  • Amanda Cook
  • Christine Anderson Hill
  • Jade Kilgore
  • Martha Diaz-Adam