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Barber Poles & Business Cards

Barbershop Business Cards

Sampling of Business Cards from Across the Country

The business cards represented below show the diversity and creativity of the trade. Barbers are an independent bunch. They are entrepreneurs, with a service skillset, who run their own businesses, often as a one-man or one-woman shop. Other barbers within the same shop, if any, are laborers or team members that provide their haircutting service as an employee or independent contractor without ownership in the overall operation. 

Business cards from many professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, doctors, and business executives, are generic, sterile, and uninspired in comparison to the vitality and identity created by barbers as they present their place of business and shop information on their cards. Although there is an appearance of uniqueness among these business cards, there are some common threads. The most prominent being the barber pole with its vast array of representations: colors, sizes, and configurations.

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