1917 UAC Buzzer School Presidents, 1916 page 1

Special Event

The sixth U.A.C. president Elmer George Peterson replaces President John A. Widstoe.

President Elmer George Peterson (1916-1945)

         "President E. G. Peterson sees broadly, thinks deeply, acts wisely and sympathetically, and senses keenly the needs of the state and the mission of the Agricultural College.

        He came to his new position with not only the native executive ability which the station demands, but also a rare degree of scholarship and experience.

        Upon his graduation from U.A.C. in 1904, he was retained as instructor and assistant professor during the years 1904-06.  In 1906 he attended the graduate school of the University of Chicago.  In 1908 he entered the graduate school of Cornell University, receiving in 1911 the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.  He was instructor in Cornell University, in 1909-10.

        He filled the position of professor of Bacteriology at the Oregon Agricultural College in 1910-11, and at the same time was Bacteriologist of the Oregon Experiment Station.  He was appointed Director of Extension in Utah in 1912, a position if which he capably filled until his election to the presidency of the college.”


The Buzzer 1916 (pg. 39-56)