1909 A.C.U. Graduate Yearbook, Page 251

First President of Utah Agricultural College


President Jeremiah W. Sanborn (1890-1894)


Jeremiah Wilson Sanborn was the first president of the Utah Agricultural College.  Born in New Hampshire in 1847, he was appointed Director of Experiment Station in 1889 and President of the Faculty in 1890 and held both of those positions during his presidency at U.A.C. until he was succeeded by President J.H. Paul in 1894.  He thought up the general plan of the experimental and school work that paved the way for the first graduating class of U.A.C. in 1894.  

“Every student of the U.A.C. during their first four years remembers Pres. Sanborn with feelings of greatest respect and affection.”


Graduate profiles included below:

John Thomas Caine, Jr., William Bernard Dougall, Robert Wesley Erwin, Andrew Bernstoff Larsen, Mrs. William Myrick (Miss Martha Hoyt), Joseph Edward Shepard

"The A.C.U. Graduate" 1909