The Canals of Providence City


Graphic for Providence Canals

This exhibit explores the history of the canals which have carried water to Providence City, Utah, since its founding in 1859. 

An examination of the canals of Providence City provides a glimpse into the practices which allowed settlers in the western United States to thrive in spite of the relatively arid conditions.  It also reveals the significant developments in water sanitation and distribution that have taken place over the last 150 years.


  • Dr. Rebecca Andersen (Faculty Exhibit Advisor - USU History Department)
  • Howard Christenson (Exhibit Sponsor - Providence City Historic Preservation Commission Chairman)
  • Brad Duncan (Digital Assistant - USU Libraries)
  • Kelsey Foster (Author, Curator, Contributing Photographer)
  • Shay Larsen (Graphic Designer)
  • Branson Roskelley (Digital Project Coordinator - USU Libraries)
  • Deven Salisbury (Copy Editor)
  • Becky Thoms (Faculty Exhibit Advisor - USU Libraries)