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Commodifying Children: Images of Misery: Documentation or Commodification?

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“Hine’s child labor photographs are never portraits in the full sense of that term, since the individuality of the subject is always subordinated to the child’s functions as empirical evidence and representative type.”

— George Dimock, “Priceless Children: Child Labor and the Pictorialist Ideal”, 15


[1] Woodward, Richard B. "Too Much of a Good Thing: Photography, Forgery, and the Lewis Hine Scandal." Atlantic, vol. 291, no. 5, June 2003, pp. 67-76.

Image Credits:

Hine, Lewis W.  Addie Card, anaemic little spinner in North Pownal Cotton Mill.  See photo No. 1056. Location: Vermont.  1910.

George Barbee, 13 years old topping. Lives near Bell School. Location: Nicholas County, Kentucky. August 8, 1916.

Campbell family picking cotton. W.W. Campbell, Route 1, Box 64. Shawnee. Children go to Pioneer School, 7 miles northwest of Shawnee (see photo of same) Fatehr said: “Both girls can hoe the cotton as well as any grownup.”  October 16, 1916.