After Dolph Andrus completed his expedition with Dr. Hopkins, he agreed to take L. W. Clement and his motion picture camera to the Natural Bridges and Monument Valley. For this expedition, Andrus needed a new form of transportation since he had just lost his Maxwell automobile to the Utah-Idaho Motor Company. He found his solution in a team of burros. These donkeys had been left behind by a prospector under the care of one of Andrus’s students and were “running around in the streets of Bluff.” See Andrus’s Life Story, p. 35, 38.

“Burros are patient, plodding and philosophical animals, droll anachronisms in these modern high-geared times. They have disappeared from the wide highway, but in the back country where the trails are steep and narrow, they clomp-clomp along, faithful and uncomplaining under their burdens. For the dramatic and heroic role they played in the conquest of the West, Nature gave them superb equipment. they’re sure-footed as mountain goats, tough as leather, and possessed of great strength and endurance. The heat of the trackless desert holds no terror for them, nor do they flinch before the bitter wind.” —“The Burro," The Arizona Highway Magazine, in Andrus’s Life Story, p. 40.