Year of Water


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Just as water is often referred to as the life’s blood of Utah, so too has it been the life’s work of many at Utah State University (USU). Particularly as it related to the science of irrigation, water became of foremost importance when the territory established USU as the Agricultural College of Utah in 1888.


  • Kelvin Bloxham - scanning technician
  • Braden Clinger - scanning technician
  • Dan Davis - photograph curator
  • Clint Jessop - scanning technician
  • Pam Martin - PR
  • Robert Parson - lead curator, researcher, writer
  • Risha Price - scanning technician
  • Darcy Pumphrey - digital exhibit creation
  • Mikkel Skinner - graphic design
  • Becky Thoms - PR
  • Liz Woolcott - digital exhibit creation, metadata