The Island Market: Logan's Historic Corner Market


Graphic for the Island Market Digital Exhibit

This exhibit showcases the Island Market, a corner store that has grown to become one of the oldest locally-owned grocery store locations in Logan, Utah. The building at 400 East and Center Street, originally built in 1919, houses this local corner market. Over the last 100 years, this market’s story has continued through revolutions in food preservation, changes in shopping habits, the rise of big-box stores, and the recent COVID-19 Pandemic. The Island Market is a central part of neighborhood life as well as a hub for local business products, community connection, and memories.  

Utah State University students in Rebecca Andersen’s Public History class provided much of the research for this exhibit. When Steven Emile, the General Manager of the Island Market, approached the USU History department for help uncovering the Island Market’s past, Andersen built the project into a course. More details on the research can be found at the end of the exhibit. (See the Credits page.) 

Explore the following pages to learn about the Island Market’s history, community memories about it, and how you can contribute and be a part of their story!  

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Sydney Lehenbauer. “The Island Market: Logan's Historic Corner Market” exhibition, Utah State University Libraries, 2022. http://exhibits.usu.edu/exhibits/show/the-island-market