St. John's Episcopal Church: 150 Years of Service


     St. John's has been an institution that stands for service and community in Logan, Utah for the past 150 years. During this time, many things have changed, but some have stayed the same. The goals of this exhibit are to show both the changes and consistent features of St. John's in its history and to share the story of a church that has done so much for the community. 

Included are: 

  • A copy of the original church records, starting in 1873

  • Historic photos from around Logan

  • Stories of some of the parishioners and clergy who have been of service to Logan

  • A chronological story of events that have involved the congregation of St. John's Episcopal Church and its clergy

A collection of digitized materials including those that are not shown in this exhibit are hosted at: St. John’s Episcopal Church Digital Collection


Thank you to all those who have helped with creating this exhibit and procuring the items included within, especially:

  • Connor Murphy: Project and Exhibit Curator | History Graduate Student
  • The Congregation of St. John's Episcopal Church: Patron
  • Preston Waddoups: Copy Editor
  • Shay Larsen: Graphic Designer