One of the traditions of the Agricultural College of Utah was a Military Ball held on the campus. In 1918, this ball was to be held on March 9. Peterson wrote to the O.L.I. on February 27, 1918 regarding special railroad rates for those who would be…
A similar letter to the one that Peterson sent in August, 1917. This letter, from January 21, 1918 thanks the O.L.I. for an annual pass for the year 1918.
A letter from President Peterson dated January 14, 1918 to W.A. Whitney, General Manager of the Ogden, Logan and Idaho Railway. Peterson responded to a request regarding an individual named Calvin Millard who had applied to the O.L.I. for employment.…
This item is a copy of the O.L.I.'s letter to the UAC on November 26, 1917 regarding a football excursion of UAC students to Salt Lake City. The O.L.I. believed that the students were to be traveling with their rail services, rather than with the…
The schedule of the U.I.C. was originally organized to best support the students who would be traveling to a number of schools and universities in Ogden and Cache Valley. This October 13, 1917 letter from President Peterson questions the O.L.I. about…
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