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Photograph of Arthur Patterson Stover of Portland, Oregon, published in the "ACU Graduate" in 1909.
Photograph of Anna Beers Petty of Ogden, Utah, published in the "ACU Graduate" in 1909.
Photograph of Lewis Alford Merrill of Richmond, Utah, published in the "ACU Graduate" in 1909.
DNO-0046_Photographer by a river.jpg
A photograph of a photographer standing with a tripod on the banks of a river with a town in the background.
DNO-0046_West End Tunnel, No. 3, Weber Canyon.jpg
Stereoview photograph entitled "West End Tunnel, No. 3, Weber Canon. (sic)" Photograph features a crew of railroad workers standing in front of a tunnel dug through Weber Canyon in Utah. Some of the workers are dangling from the cliffs above.
DNO-0045_The photographer.jpg
Stereoview photograph #168 by A.J. Russell. The photograph features another photographer with his equipment against the background of a settlement with several other people.
DNO-0045_Russell Surveyors.jpg
Stereoview photograph by A.J. Russell. Photograph features a group of railroad surveyors with their equipment in a camp in Weber Canyon in 1868.
DNO-0045_Breaking Ground for the Utah Central Railroad.jpg
Stereoview photograph no. 150 by A.J. Russell captioned "Mormons Breaking Ground for Utah Central Railroad." Photo features a large group of people waiting for the groundbreaking ceremony.
The metal box containing the mural
Picture of the ruined mural from the Intermountain School
Picture of the ruined mural from the Intermountain School
A mural salvaged from the Intermountain Indian School buildings
Booklet describing the history and traditions of Homecoming in 1970.
Two photographs of Beno club events on a scrapbook page from the 1917 Buzzer. Commemorates the 1916 installation of the Block A.
Old Ephraim folk song, August 15, 1966. The song is a parody of "Ye Elder's Of Israel," a traditional hymn from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This song was sung at the dedication of Old Ephraim's monument on September 21, 1966.
An excerpt from "A Legacy of Monuments" written by Nephi J. Bott, 1973. This excerpt describes the history of the Old Ephraim monument and the folk song associated with it.
Black and white photograph of Old Ephraim's grave in Logan Canyon, 1923.
Old Ephraim's grave in Logan Canyon with boy scouts in background, 1923
Black and white photograph of snow at Old Ephraim's grave site, Logan Canyon, 1923.
Page 106 from the 1945 "Buzzer" describing the first Homecoming after WWII. Includes photographs of Katherine Jenkins as Chairman of the Homecoming Board and Betty Wright as Homecoming Queen.
Four photographs of the Homecoming festivities on page 103 in the 1945 "Buzzer."
Page 122 from the 1946 "Buzzer" commemorating the return of Homecoming to Utah State.
Page 123 from the "Buzzer" yearbook describing the 1945 Homecoming celebration.
Page 178 from the 1931 Buzzer, illustrating the yell-leader and the song-leader from the 1930-31 school year, Asa Spackman and John Anderson
The minutes from the Cache Chamber of Commerce meeting on October 25, 1952, concerning the upcoming Homecoming celebration.
A portrait of Brigham Young taken by Charles Ellis Johnson c. 1868.
A photograph of Bear River Canyon in Utah, taken by C.R. Savage in 1891. The photograph features a branch line of the Utah and Northern Railroad.
A photograph of Lake Blanche in the Wasatach Mountains of Utah taken by C.R. Savage in the 1870s.
A photograph taken by C.R. Savage of three railroad workers in the mouth of Tunnel No. 3 in Weber Canyon, Utah.
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