"Story of Old Ephraim's death by Frank Clark," November 21, 1952. Typewritten.
DNO-0046_Street View in Corinne, Utah.jpg
Stereoview photograph no. 68 in the "Scenery of the Union Pacific Railroad" collection by W.H. Jackson. Features one man, John Kupfer Watchmaker and Jeweler's store, several hardware stores, and a painter's shop.
A clipping from the October 19, 1930 edition of the "Student Life" newspaper, announcing the first Utah State Homecoming celebration.
A photograph of "Student Life" staffers riding on the "Student Life" parade car for the 1955 Homecoming parade through downtown Logan, Utah.
DNO-0045_Russell Surveyors.jpg
Stereoview photograph by A.J. Russell. Photograph features a group of railroad surveyors with their equipment in a camp in Weber Canyon in 1868.
Door hanger with details of the 1998 USU Homecoming celebration.
Pamphlet outlining the events for USU Homecoming 1998-"Take the A Train."
"The Cache Grazing Resources," the third article in the series "Know Your Forest News Stories," 1927. This copy is from "History of Cache National Forest, Volume 2" compiled by Ralph B. Roberts, District Forest Ranger in 1968. This excerpt describes…
The first-hand account of the Story of Old Ephraim by Fred Summers, May 24, 1977. Typed.
Story of the death of Old Ephraim, a famous grizzly bear in Logan Canyon, and Frank Clark, the man who killed him, as told by George R. Hill to his grandchildren on Thanksgiving evening 1954.
Story of the death of Old Ephraim, a famous grizzly bear in Logan Canyon, and Frank Clark, the man who killed him, as told by Newell Crookston to a group of Boy Scouts in 1966.
Story of the death of Old Ephraim, a famous grizzly bear in Logan Canyon, and Frank Clark, the man who killed him, as recorded on phonograph record by Reed Bullen at KVNU Radio; ca. 1950
A photograph of a car in the 1950 Homecoming parade featuring deer driving a car with humans on the hood. Title: "The Year's Biggest Upset."
"True Bear Story as told by Frank Clark, Malad, Idaho," undated. Typed.
A photograph of a float in the 1950 Homecoming parade with the theme "Up the Creek."
A photograph of a float in the 1950 Homecoming parade featuring a "Victory" theme and a woman flying an eagle.
A photograph of a Homecoming parade float with the theme "Wash 'em Out, Ag's!" The float features a man with a hand-turned washing machine hanging Wyoming uniforms out to dry.
DNO-0046_West End Tunnel, No. 3, Weber Canyon.jpg
Stereoview photograph entitled "West End Tunnel, No. 3, Weber Canon. (sic)" Photograph features a crew of railroad workers standing in front of a tunnel dug through Weber Canyon in Utah. Some of the workers are dangling from the cliffs above.
A photograph of a float, designed by Lambda Delta Sigma, featuring a giant globe and the theme "World Freedom Through Education."
185 South 100 East, Logan, Utah. A concert program for a Benefit Concert held by Johana Harris to raise funds for the Logan Eleventh Ward building (a church building in the Logan, Utah Area). The program includes works by Bach, Beethoven, Schubert,…
Two photographs of Beno club events on a scrapbook page from the 1917 Buzzer. Commemorates the 1916 installation of the Block A.
Page 178 from the 1931 Buzzer, illustrating the yell-leader and the song-leader from the 1930-31 school year, Asa Spackman and John Anderson
Page 106 from the 1945 "Buzzer" describing the first Homecoming after WWII. Includes photographs of Katherine Jenkins as Chairman of the Homecoming Board and Betty Wright as Homecoming Queen.
Four photographs of the Homecoming festivities on page 103 in the 1945 "Buzzer."
A photograph of the 3 elected cheerleaders from 1945, Sherry Peck, Max Adams, and Bonnie Mae Hill. Taken from the October 4, 1945, Student Life Newspaper.
Page 123 from the "Buzzer" yearbook describing the 1945 Homecoming celebration.
Page 122 from the 1946 "Buzzer" commemorating the return of Homecoming to Utah State.
A photograph of a parade float in the 1948 Homecoming parade, decorated as a pirate ship with three female pirates.
Photograph of the 1949 Homecoming Parade on Main Street in Logan, UT
Photograph of the 1950 Homecoming Queen and her attendants in the Homecoming Parade on Logan Main Street.
Program cover for the 1962 Rhythm Rhapsody student talent show.
Program for the 1964 Homecoming Assembly, "America's Promise."
A group photo of the 1965 USU Cheer Squad at the Homecoming game.
Photograph of a group of alumni at the 1965 annual Homecoming Alumni banquet.
USU Football; USU Homecoming
Brochure describing the schedule of events for Alumni at Homecoming, published by the USU Alumni Association in 1983.
Flyer advertising Homecoming 1993, "Journey Back."
Advertisement for Homecoming 1993, "Journey Back." Made to fold into a pyramid and rest on a tabletop.
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