DNO-0048_Prospect Hill Cut.jpg
Carte-de-visite style photograph of the Prospect Hill railroad cut on the Central Pacific line by Alfred Hart. Photograph features multiple railroad workers and horse-drawn carts working on the cut. Caption: Prospect Hill Cut. Upper slope, 170 feet."
DNO-0048_Scene at Depot.jpg
Carte-de-visite style photograph by Alfred Hart entitled, "Scene at Depot." Photograph features Native Americans at the Central Pacific Railroad Train Depot in Reno, Nevada. Caption: "Scene at Depot, at Reno."
DNO-0048_Western Summit.jpg
Carte-de-visite style photograph by Alfred Joseph Hart entitled, "Western Summit." Photograph features a Chinese railroad worker and the heading of a railroad tunnel. Caption: "Heading of East Portal, Tunnel No. 8, from Donner Lake Railroad, Western…
DNO-0048_Curving Iron, Ten Mile Canyon.jpg
Carte-de-visite style photograph no. 333 entitled "Curving Iron, Ten Mile Canyon." Taken by Alfred Hart.
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