An article titled "Speed Mania Sends Horses to Hack Line or Pasture" in the Salt Lake Herald Republican on July 18, 1909. The article is about horse races in Utah.
George W. Thurston wrote a letter to the editor about his missing daughter Rosa Thurston. This letter was printed in the Deseret News on April 12, 1868.
An article titled "Jensen Historical Farm Plans Steam-Powered Threshing July 29-Aug 8" from the Deseret News on July 24, 1988 about a living historical farm planning a steam threshing event with some of L.K. Wood's steam threshing machines.
An article titled "Threshing Bee to live on at USU" from the Salt Lake Tribune on November 9, 1967. The articdle is about steam threshing machines made by L.K. Wood that were on display at the USU Museum.
DNO-0054_Wagon train illustration from Leslie's Illustrated.jpg
Woodcut illustration published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, depicting guests in a dining car on a Hotel Express Train. Caption: "ACROSS THE CONTINENT, ON THE PACIFIC RAILROAD - DINING SALOON OF THE HOTEL EXPRESS TRAIN."
A portrait of Brigham Young taken by Charles Ellis Johnson c. 1868.
DNO-0050_Front page of the Hell Upon Earth pamphlet.jpg
The front page illustration of an anti-Mormon pamphlet entitled "Hell Upon Earth!" The woodcut illustration, titled "How Women and Girls are Ensnared" features a group of women and children being captured by Mormon men in a human skull, as well as…
DNO-0053_USRR train.jpg
A photograph of a large group of men on a USRR train, presumably celebrating its completion.
In 2007 the Salt Lake Tribune featured a story on Stan Sanders' collection of historical Utah brewing paraphernalia. The article also highlights several of the major historical breweries in Utah including the Becker Brewing and Malting Company,…
This letter from the Fred J. Reiger and Company to the Becker Brewing and Malting Company implores them to consider the Fred J. Reiger Company as an agent for their non-intoxicating beverages. Many businesses that produced and sold alcohol went out…
This letter from Fred J. Rieger, a Salt Lake City whole sale liquor dealer, to the Becker Brewing and Malting Company complains about the state required renewal of liquor licenses on July 30, 1917, even though all alcohol will be banned in Utah just…
This is an advertising print for Becker's Best and features a colored illustration of a family camping near a lake while enjoying bottles of Becker's Best. It also features the phrase "Thoughts of Camping and Picnicking are now uppermost. Nothing…
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