This is an excerpt from "A Fence Away From Freedom," edited by Ellen Levine. This item explores Kay Uno's memories of Pearl Harbor as a child on the West Coast. Kay Uno was later interred at the Granada Colorado relocation center.
"Japs keep out you rats" sign in Barstow, California in 1942.
Wanto Company Grocery store in California with sign, "I AM AN AMERICAN" in 1942. Once relocation was ordered, Japanese Americans were forced to sell their businesses and leave their jobs regardless of loyalty to the United States.
Relocation sign from Mr. and Mrs. K. Iseri in California in 1942. It reads: "Many thanks for your patronage. Hope to serve you in near future. God be with you till we meet again."
DNO-0048_Prospect Hill Cut.jpg
Carte-de-visite style photograph of the Prospect Hill railroad cut on the Central Pacific line by Alfred Hart. Photograph features multiple railroad workers and horse-drawn carts working on the cut. Caption: Prospect Hill Cut. Upper slope, 170 feet."
DNO-0049_East Portal of Summit Tunnel.jpg
Stereoview photograph #198 by Alfred Hart for the Central Pacific Railroad collection. Photograph features a railroad worker with a dump cart standing in the entrance to a tunnel in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Caption: "East Portal of Summit Tunnel,…
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