An annual U.I.C. Railroad pass issued for Mrs. T.H. Perleywits and her two daughters for use across the Utah-Idaho Central Railroad route in 1930. The pass indicates that it may not be used for the bus lines that the U.I.C. operated at the time.
Photograph of Cache Valley landscape, 1910. View shows unidentified homes and barns in the distance.
Photograph of scouts who retrieved Old Ephraim's head. Pictured are Ezra Cardon, Alma Burgoyne, Harold Rosengreen, Lester Dunford, Fred Hodgson, Henry Dains, Herbert May, and Horace Bunce. Probably Logan Canyon. 1923.
"The Wasters and Destroyers : Community Sponsored Predator Control in Early Utah Territory" by Victor C. Sorensen. A Plan B Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Social Science in History, Utah State…
Song "Old Ephraim" from journal of George R. Hill, Jr., Undated. Typewritten.
Story of the death of Old Ephraim, a famous grizzly bear in Logan Canyon, and Frank Clark, the man who killed him, as told by George R. Hill to his grandchildren on Thanksgiving evening 1954.
A folk song of the legend of Old Ephraim.
A folk song of the legend of Old Ephraim.
"Ground Cover and Grazing in Cache National Forest." Excerpt from "History of Cache National Forest, Volume 1." Compiled by Ralph B. Roberts, District Forest Ranger in 1968. This excerpt describes the history grazing in the Bear River range during…
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