Rhyolite, Graveyard of Dreams



Ryholite Graveyard of Dreams


The following exhibit tells the story of Aurora and Rhyolite, both gold towns that became ghost towns in Nevada. This exhibit is made up of the Death Valley Collection found in the Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library Special Collections.


  • Alison Fabricius Gardner - Research, writing, material selection, and digital exhibit creation (Student Assistant, Digital Initiatives Department)
  • Heather Leary – Digitization and metadata assistance (Digital Initiatives Department)
  • Mikkel Skinner – Graphic design (Graphic designer, Administration)
  • Cheryl Walters – Digitization and metadata coordination (Digital Initiatives Department)
  • Liz Woolcott - Metadata Consultation (Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services)


Special thanks to Liz Woolcott who contributed material for the development of this exhibit.