A Century of Service: Logan Rotary at 100


Logan Rotary Exhibit Graphic

In the aftermath of World War I, Logan community leaders started a local chapter of a fledgling American service club, the Rotary. Logan’s Rotary Club, which followed other chapters in Utah’s larger cities such as Ogden and Salt Lake City, caught on quickly with its message of service and fellowship. This history marks the success of the 1919 endeavor by documenting the contributions of Logan Rotary to the community on a local, regional, and international level. This digital exhibit, A Century of Service: Logan Rotary at 100, is the result of a yearlong collaboration between current Logan Rotary members, Utah State University’s History Department, the Mountain West Center for Regional Studies, the Larry Elsner Curatorial Fellowship, and Utah State University’s Special Collections & Archives at the Merrill-Cazier Library. 


Project Team:

  • Cody Patton (Exhibit Curator)
  • Tammy Proctor (Content Advisor/Reviewer)
  • Clint Pumphrey (Content Advisor/Reviewer)
  • Shay Larsen (Graphic Designer) 
  • Alison Gardner (Digital Coordinator/Reviewer)
  • Darcy Pumphrey (Digital Coordinator/Reviewer)
  • Abby Thorne (Copy Editor)

Student Scanning Technicians:

  • Emily Hart
  • Christine Anderson Hill
  • Jon L. Hunt
  • Maren Stephens