Historical Postcards of Utah


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"...Postcards open countless windows onto a broader collective past. An individual card makes a specific historical moment come alive in a vividly intimate way, whether it be the smartly clad figures in an illustrated advertisement...or a spectacular photograph that decades later...bears witness to events..." and to times past.

"Perhaps more important, as mass-produced multiples, postcards are what I consider "the best history lesson" about the time we are calling the Postcard Age. They record the technological, social, political, and artistic developments of the decades before and after World War I, a time when rapid and broad transformations shook the world..." [1]

Come join us in these two wonderful exhibits that show the thrill of the time for the amazing landscapes and buildings we have here in Utah and the people who visited them.


[1] Leonard A Lauder. The Postcard Age: Selections from the Leonard A Lauder Collection. MFA Publications, Musium of Fine Arts, Boston.