1908 UAC Commencement Program Page 14


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1908 UAC Commencement Program Page 14


1908 Commencement Program Page 14

Some results of experiments made at the experiment station of the Agricultural College of Utah
1. Coulters increase and trucks decrease draft of plows.
2. Draft per inch of soil moved decreases with increase of size of furrow.
3. Walking plows drew slightly easier than sulkey plows.
4. Share sharpened badly drew 36 percent harder than a new share.
5. Share straight on base & side drew slightly easier than ordinary share.
6. Load over hind wheels drew ten percent easier than over front wheels.
7. High wheels drew 23.7 percent easier over a 3 inch obstacle than low wheels.
8. Wagon reach inclined to front as now made increases draft.
9. A long hitch increases draft.
10. Axle slightly longer than box or hub decreases draft.
11. Lard proved best of five kinds of axle grease tried.
12. Draft varies 300% on different roads.
13. Square or round-toothed harrows gave the evenest bottom cultivation
14. Cut-away harrows had lightest draft per pound of earth moved and cut deepest.
15. Disc harrows leave badly corrugated bottom lines.
16. Harrows lifting soil from the rear leave it loosest.
17. Harrows lifting soil from the front next loosest.
18. Square or round-toothed harrows pack soil.
19. Plows move a pound of soil with less draft than harrows.
20. Rolling cutters draw easier than dragging cultivators having a lifting action.
21. Sleighs drew harder per pound moved than wagons.
22. A load on a sled drew easier with crooked shafts than with straight ones.
23. Position of load on sled did not affect draft.
24. Relative draft of mowing machines vary with grass.
25. Draft of mowing machines varies with point of attachment.
26. A worn mowing machine in good repair drew easier than a new one.
27. A 6 feet cut bar drew easier per foot than one 4 ½ feet.
28. Cutter bar out of line with pitman rod increases draft.
29. Cutter bar inclined upward decreases draft.
30. Guards out of true increased draft.
31. Draft was increased when sickly did not strike center of guard.
32. Potatoes planted near surface contained more starch than deep planted potatoes.
33. Yield of potatoes decreased after passing 8 inches between hills.
34. Close planting potatoes increased moisture & decreased starch about 7%.
35. The potatoes tested contained about 1/3 more starch than eastern potatoes.
36. Yield of potatoes increased with the size of seed used.
37. Loss of fodder by dry storage was less than in the silo.
38. Ensilage gave a more watery growth than dry fodder.
39. Steers fed ensilage had less fat than those fed dry fodder.


Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives, Commencement Exercise Programs, 1894-1950, SCAUSU-13p-2s-1Bx001-1908




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