1908 UAC Commencement Program Page 10


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1908 UAC Commencement Program Page 10


1908 Commencement Program Page 10

Jan. 22–Prof. Sanborn, who arrived in Logan early in the month, met with the Board in Salt Lake City, and presented a list of the needs of the College for the ensuing two years. His estimate was adopted and ordered added to the report to the Legislature, which had already been approved.
Jan. 24–Prof. Sanborn was asked to try to get from Government the Experiment Station appropriation of $15,000 for the year ending June 30; and also to find a chemist, horticulturist, assistant agriculturist and a clerk.
Feb. 22–College building formally accepted from the contractors.
March 29–The following appointments were made: W.P. Cutter of Cornell, chemist; E.S. Richman, and A.A. Mills of Kansas Agricultural College, horticulturist, and superintendent of farm and experimental work, respectively.
Hon. W.S. McCornick of Salt Lake City was elected president of the Board of Trustees.
The secretary was instructed to advertise for bids for erecting a farm house, a barn, an experiment laboratory and two cottages; and to apply to the War Department for the detail of an officer for military instruction in the college.
April 18–Director Sanborn reported that 90 acres of the farm had been plowed, the experiments decided on, 300 experimental plats laid off, 70 for irrigation, and some of the plats sowed.
In arranging for the work of the school, Prof. Sanborn recommended that there by a preparatory year, and four-year courses in Agriculture, Domestic Economy, Mechanic Arts and English.
The matter of employing instructors, preparing a course of study, buying apparatus and supplies, getting up catalogues and advertising the institution was left with Prof. Sanborn.
The Board decided that the salary of a full professorship shall be $2,000, but that no salary shall exceed $1,500 the first year.
May 17–Contract for barn let at $5,525.
The Director reported that the general work on the farm was completed, and that, thereafter, only the ordinary running expenses would be needed.
Prof. J.W. Sanborn was elected president of the Faculty, and appointed professor of Agriculture. W.P. Cutter was appointed professor of chemistry, and E.S. Richman professor of horticulture.
The Board decided that daily chapel exercises be held, that there should be no tuition fee, but that students pay an entrance fee of five dollars per year, or three dollars per term.


Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives, Commencement Exercise Programs, 1894-1950, SCAUSU-13p-2s-1Bx001-1908




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