1908 UAC Commencement Program Page 3


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1908 UAC Commencement Program Page 3


1908 Commencement Program Page 3

Extracts from the Act of Establishment
Sec. 1. There shall be established the Agricultural College of Utah, to be located at any place in Cache county that may be designated by the trustees.
Sec. 2. For the purpose of erecting suitable school building and purchasing land on which to conduct agricultural experiments, the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars is hereby appropriated
Sec. 3. The Governor and Secretary of the Territory, and the assessors of Cache, Davis, Utah, Salt Lake, and Sanpete counties shall be, ex-officio, trustees for the Agricultural College.
Sec. 4. The trustees shall elect one of their number a president, and shall appoint a superintendent, a secretary and a treasurer. Said trustees shall take charge of the general interests of the institution, and shall have power to enact by-laws and rules for the regulation of all its concerns.
Sec. 8. The leading object of the college shall be to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanical arts, and such other scientific and classical studies as shall promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions of life.
Sec. 12. The course of instruction shall embrace the English language and literature, mathematics, civil engineering, agricultural chemistry, animal and vegetable anatomy and physiology, the veterinary art, entomology, political, rural and household economy, horticulture, moral philosophy, history, bookkeeping, and especially the application of science and the mechanical arts to practical agriculture in the field.
Sec. 13. A full course of study in the institution shall embrace not less than four years. The trustees may institute a winter course of lectures for others than students of the institutions.
Sec. 18. In connection with the said college there shall be established an agricultural experiment station to conduct original researches on the physiology of the plant and animals; the diseases to which they are severally subject with remedies for the same, etc., etc.
Passed March 8, 1888.


Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives, Commencement Exercise Programs, 1894-1950, SCAUSU-13p-2s-1Bx001-1908




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