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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) chartered Brigham Young College (BYC) on August 6, 1877. Classes first met on September 9, 1878, in a rented space inside Lindquist Hall on the corner of 200 North and 100 East in Logan. The school later moved into the basement of the Logan LDS Tabernacle from 1882 until 1884. That is when the trustees approved construction of a permanent home for the school at the corner of 100 West and 100 South in Logan. At first, BYC offered four years of high school and four years of baccalaureate education, but in 1909 the LDS Church Board of Education eliminated much of the upper division coursework. The first year of high school was eliminated that year as well. In 1920 the second year of high school was terminated, and in 1926 the Church Board of Education voted to close BYC along with all other church-affiliated high schools. The old BYC campus is now the site of Logan High School.

This digital exhibit highlights a small portion of the Brigham Young College materials held by Utah State University’s Special Collections & Archives. A majority of the collection was digitized and can be found in the USU Digital Collections. Additionally, the finding aids for the Brigham Young College Records Collection (1877–1926) and the Brigham Young College Photograph & Memorabilia Collection (1860–1963) contain a full inventory of items.

Funding for the creation of this digital exhibit was provided, in part, by a student scholarship awarded to Darcy Pumphrey for the 2016–17 school year by the Cache Valley Historical Society

Funding for the digitization of these materials was provided, in part, by a grant from the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB).

Project Credits:

Project Team:

  • Dan Davis (Photograph curator)
  • Alison Fabricius Gardner (Project assistant for digitization)
  • Clint Pumphrey (Manuscript curator)
  • Darcy Pumphrey (Digital exhibit creator)
  • Mikkel Skinner (Graphics)
  • Becky Thoms (Faculty advisor for digital exhibit)


  • Anna-Maria Arnljots
  • Andrea Payant
  • Branson Roskelley
  • Melanie Shaw
  • Sara Skindelien

Scanning Technicians:

  • Kelvin Bloxham
  • Braden Clinger
  • Amanda Cook
  • Elisabeth Cropper
  • Jason Folkman
  • Benjamin Hugie
  • Joshua Jensen
  • Clint Jessop
  • Melissa Leavitt
  • Lauryn Parent
  • Darcy Pumphrey
  • Kayla Thompson